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...d in High Definition if I have a Sony PS3. So I figure I'd take this gig and see how much I could make with it.""Roger, that doesn't make any sense at all...""Alright, alright, you caught me. The truth is...my student loans caught up to me and I owe the Langly banks a total of $250,000 by the end of this week or else they'll send the police after me.""You never told us that you went to college." Francine advised."I went to the Rhode Island School of Design. Nothing big. Just a college. Go nuts.""Roger, how the hell do you expect to make a Quarter Million by week's end by becoming a therapist?""Oh don't you worry your pretty little head, Stan. I have my ways.""Roger, for the last time, I'm not going to let you bring home an Asian Hooker to have sex with me so you can make a quick buck.""For the last time, I'm not referring to that! Oh, and it was a Chinese Hooker, genius."Sadly, though, his 'ways' involved Stan's only son, Steve. Steve was always prone to Roger's outrageous schemes. But this one, he had no idea, would take the cake."Steve, put those dolls away." He snapped at him as he walked up to his room. He threw Steve some raggard and torn clothes. "Put this on, and meet me downstairs in O-5 minutes. I know what we're doing today.""Roger, I thought Dad banned you from the prostitution clubs.""Yes, he did." Roger replied, now very annoyed. God, why are the ones in suits treated like crap? "I'm over that stuff, anyway....

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