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.... 'Thank you dad!' I thought as I changed and got in bed.It was a wild chase through the woods. I have you now alien scum! Someone was yelling behind us. Zim was running ahead of me, Come on Jinx! We need to get away NOW! He yelled as we ran faster. It's no use Zim! You can't get away now! The yelling can again. Zim and I hid behind a cluster of trees. Zim? What's going on!? I whispered as we huddled. They're on to us! More than just him! We're going to die! Zim whimpered as we huddled, shaking. Out of no where a gun shot rang. Zim! I screamed before everything went black.I shot up from bed and looked at the time. The alarm clock was blinking two-thirty in the morning. I sighed and laid back down when the door creaked open and Gir poked his head in.Aw! You got this room! Now master will throw me back on the couch! He said and he turned around.Gir? I asked as I sat up and the little robot turned back around.Why don't you come sit with me for a while? First nights anywhere is kind of creepy for me. I said as I looked around. Gir smiled and jumped up next to me.Master never allows me in his room. Gir said as he sat next to me. I laid back down and closed my eyes.Jinx? Gir asked as I was about to fall asleep.Yes Gir? I asked with my eyes still closed.Are you going to stay here forever? Gir asked with a hopeful looked as I opened my eyes.Yes, I'm going to stay here and away from my home planet forever and ever. I said with a smile.Yay...
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