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...y days at war, and myself during my long adulthood, rich in both monetary wealth and fascinating experience. I decided that this was a life that I was chiefly satisfied with and one that I could die contented knowing that I had lived. However, as I moved on to the customary regrets stage, another epiphany struck me like a bloodthirsty cudgel of lightning: I had only one regret and that was never telling my one true love how I felt.I looked over to Marge Simpson, her thick pole of sparkling blue hair catching the dampening sunlight in ever a becoming fashion. I then cast my gaze upon her mother, the still beautiful Jacqueline Bouvier, with whom I was quite smitten for a time. However, these were merely passing fancies, desires of my desperate flesh and longing heart. A longing that was misplaced and meaningless when centered on these women that truly only evoked mere lust in my body and no love in my heart.I looked over to Smithers once again. There had always been a war inside me, every fiber of my being attempting to battle those feelings that had emerged quite a long time ago for my friend. And for the majority of the time, those pugnacious fibers won. My feelings rarely were evident and sometimes I had even forgotten that they had existed.But of all the times that I had killed and had people killed for me, there was one murder I could never commit and it was the murder of that bizarre and inexplicable longing for my assistant that would always resurrect ju...
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