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...ot call for that. She had been worried sick for him for the past few days, she wanted to talk to him and hopefully get him to understand what was going on. Lisa leaned forward and peeled the quilt off of Barts face and looked down at him. As soon as his face was in view, she saw that he was looking up at her and his face contorted as he tried to keep himself from crying.Bart, youve held it in longer than anyone. You cant do that forever, you need to let your emotions out. I am here to listen and to give you a shoulder to cry on, said Lisa.Bart stared at her for a moment like a lost puppy alone in an alley meeting its first human. For a moment Lisa thought he was going to get up and run, instead he went full force at her and began to cry heavily on her shoulder. As he did so, Lisa could feel how hot his face was and noticed how nasally his throat sounded. He was getting sick and she knew she had to talk him into coming home. But letting him cry his heart out was more important at the moment.Hes gone Lisa, hes gone and Ill never see him again, cried Bart after five minutes of heavy sobbing.I know Bart, said Lisa quietly.We watched him die and we could do nothing to help him. My last vision of him was him waving goodbye to me and I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to beat this, he wanted to see us grow up. He was in so much pain Lisa, Bart cried, this time looking Li...
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