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...ost forgottenthat a certain someone they *both* cared about was still outside, bravingthe elements."Oh, my gosh!" Sam gasped. "Alex!"Clover threw her shirt back on, and she and Sam rushed to the door.* * *The sight that awaited them when they opened the front door made both girlsgasp in shock.She was drenched to the core. The light green vest, shirt and yellow slacksAlex had been wearing were now darker due to the water. Her sneakers squishedon the ground as she shifted her weight from side to side. Her black hair,normally done up in a nice, fluffy bowl, currently hung in a wet mess infront of and around her face.Yet, through all of this, she was still able to maintain a sense of humor."Before you ask, Clover, the food's fine," were the first words out ofAlex's mouth as she held out the bags. "Hi, there. Can I come in? Thewater's great out here, but I'm more of a land person, I think...""Oh, of course," Sam said, taking the bags from Alex and escorting herinside. "What happened to you? I mean, besides the obvious?""I cut through the park. No cabs around when the storm hit," Alex sighed.Clover ran back towards her room. "I'll get a blanket. And the hairdryer.""Bring a robe, too!" Sam said. "She needs to get out of these wet clothesASAP."Alex nodded. "No kidding. Let me get to the next room." She began walking...and then slowed down considerably, shivering as she tried to g...
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