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.... She'd been lost for three days. the cave was the only place still dry. But as she walked in, the mighty dragon layed, and this was no cave it was a den The dragonite lay sleeping on all fours, double the size of any man may had ever laid eyes on. Frightened she began to tremble, accidently tripping over its magnificent tail. Waking in a mighty roar the beast stared unblinkingly to her eyes. The eyes were sapphire blue, may had expected anger or fierceness, but in these eyes she saw comfort and beauty. The dragon blinked and no one moved, it seemed as transfixed by May as she was of it. Suddenly it whipped around, so fast may was knocked back as a tail whipped her into a wall, stars in her eyes she gazed around. Standing to its full height was dragonite, its back to her, and growling towards the entrance of the waterfall den. In stepped in the bloody gengar that had separated her from her friends in the first place! Royally pissed May shouted, “Get the hell away from me you big bully! I don’t want you here! What have you done with my friends!” Gengar turned glance from the mighty dragon to May, deciding on the best course of action, but before it could strike, dragonite blast it to space with a mig...

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