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A Sample part of Sonic And Amy Nude Story: do you - Suddenly Leela realized that she could hear, over the dull roar of the crowd and Zapp's amplified annoyance, softly but clearly, Fry's voice.Why can't I find it? Where is the Dark One? I can read everyone's thoughts here except mine!Leela gasped. Reading minds? Is he serious? And what's this Dark One?He's deadly serious. The Dark One is pure evil - and I think he's figured out who it is.I'm the Dark One! No!No! Leela mimicked Fry's mind-shout. That can't be!A terrific crash came from her right. The Planet Express ship smashed through the glass dome, and she saw herself running down the landing steps, laser gun drawn. Future-Leela shouted through a bullhorn, Everyone put your hands in the air!What am I doing now? Leela asked, somewhat annoyed that she was still wearing those atrocious pants black would be much more slimming.Trying to stop the stellar implosion, of course, the man said. Watch Amy.How could I not? That camouflage sweat-suit makes her look like a clown, Leela said maliciously.Leela winced as Amy drove the putter into her father's midsection. Ooo, Leela said. I see Amy's finally working out her issues with her parents.Envious?Leela gave the man a withering look.Future-Leela was going to snip the cable running from the detonator when Fry reached out to her No! Leela! You have no idea what's really going on!Then tell me! Future-Leela implored him.Fry looked down, defeated. I...I can't.Leela held...

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