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Sonic XXX, was an anime in which WILD OFRIES TOOK PLACE!
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... Tuck, the source of the fourth voice."Hey, Dax," Jenny greeted. "Glad to see you awake again.""Huh?" ADAX said, confused. "Where when what"For a moment, ADAX was perplexed about his situation. But then, it all came back. Wakeman reactivating him, arguing with and irritating Wakeman, blowing up fighters from an alien armada, sneaking into a ship, fighting Yomex, fighting a robot whiched glowed purple, activating the EMP detonator in Miffy"Hey, wait a minute" ADAX said. "I activated the EMP detonator, I'm supposed to have had my head fried.""You did activate your EMP detonator," Dr. Wakeman confirmed. "But the biological nature of your brain kept your programming intact. Though, from the extent of the damage you received, we almost lost you.""Damage?" ADAX mumbled. He recalled the beating he had received from Yomex and the metal chunk that had impaled him. Involuntarily, his hands clutched his abdomen as he looked down. He was pleasantly surprised."What the This ain't my body!" ADAX blurted out. "At least, not my old body. And something also feels different. I fell like I'm, I dunno, thinkin' faster. Like I also have a new brain along with the new body.""Well, that's pretty much true. Your old body and bio-circuits took a heck of a lot of damage." Jenny answered. "Mom built you a new body and transferred your core programming to a new cybernetic brain. She also removed that aggressiveness thing and that duality...
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