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... criss-crossing orbits. Nimbus and her fleet hung back in orbit, sending a pair of assault fighters to accompany them down to the ground. If the defence systems were going to fire, it would have been then.Nothing. Leela let out the breath she didnt realise shed been holding. I guess were in the clear, she said. Then one of the fighters exploded. What the f- Amy!Amy grabbed on to her seat as Leela executed a perfectly timed corkscrew dive toward the atmosphere. The other fighter pulled into a steep loop and spun around defensively, only to be destroyed by a hail of canon fire. I cant see it, I... wait, got it! Loa tyen yeh... they cant be here!Nimbus!We have them, Arnk said over the comms. There was a momentary crackle as a maser struck the ships hull, distorting the signal. You had better make your escape fast. There are three more of their cruisers moving across Lunas orbit. We are going to engage them. Good luck.Leela killed the comms and twisted the ship into a death-dive, bringing flaming plasma up over the hull as they hit the bulk of the atmosphere too fast and too steep. The sudden manoeuvres stretched the gravity generators to their limits again, sending momentary glitches through the system. Fry screamed as she lifted from her seat and flew across the bridge. She bounced off the rear bulkhead. Leela heard the sickening crunch as something in Frys body gave way under the impact.Almost there...The Ruklisk were long gone, lo...

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